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Should Christians Invest In Facebook? With Robert Netzly

MoneyWise | Nov 19, 2021

Show Notes

Facebook claims nearly 3 billion monthly users and reaches 60% of people using social media worldwide. That’s a lot of influence. There’s no question that Facebook has a huge impact on public perception too... often negative. Morally speaking, should Christians invest there? Robert Netzly answers that question.

  • Robert Netzly is the CEO of Inspire Investing an underwriter of MoneyWise (Live). Robert and his team are really in the vanguard of the exploding faith-based investing movement.
  • Facebook has been criticized for mis-dealings in user privacy, political manipulation, mass surveillance, fake news and over-estimating its number of users to increase advertising revenue. And now they’re in trouble again?
  • Revelations of Facebook’s involvement in Human trafficking, Teen girl dysfunction & child version of Instagram, Double standards for popular influencers and Dishonesty in Facebook leadership leaves us in a quandary. Can Christian investors in good conscience condemn these immoral activities and still own Facebook?
  • How can investors find out if they own Facebook or perhaps other tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google that they don’t want to be responsible for?
  • Let’s say I use InpireInsight.com and find out that one of my mutual funds owns shares in one of these companies. What should I do then?
  • Corporate engagement is an important part of the faith-based movement. Ideally, we want these companies to change their ways. What can the individual do to have influence?

Next, Rob answers these questions at 800-525-7000 or via email at Questions@MoneyWiseLive.org:

  • If you just got married in March and you will be first-time home buyers, how do you go about calculating how much you can afford?
  • If you've maxed out your 401(k) and your Roth but still have surplus funds with a paid home, what can you do further?
  • If you have a $162,000 balance on your home, have about $10,000 in liquid savings, are living on Social Security from which you might have a $200 extra each month, have no credit card debt and have been given $92,000 from your family, should you put it on your mortgage?
  • Explain what a TSP is and how it might be different from a 401(k)?
  • If your husband has a 401(k) at his employer and you want him to retire early so he can spend his retirement years with you, is a Roth a good vehicle for doing this?
  • If investing in crypto is a hot topic in your circles, should you consider it as and wise investment?

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