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Christian Financial Planning Program With Kurt Cornfield

MoneyWise | Nov 16, 2022

Show Notes

Are you a planner and a goal-setter? Someone who likes to help others arrange their finances with a biblical worldview? If that sounds like you, you may be excited to hear about a new career field … as a Christian Financial Planner. We’ll talk about that today on MoneyWise.

We’re joined by Kurt Cornfield. He’s Associate Professor of Financial Planning at Liberty University, a Certified Financial Planner, and a Certified Kingdom Advisor.

  • Cornfield has been heavily involved in the development of the Christian Financial Planner program and explains it on today’s program.
  • The program is not just offered at Liberty University. It’s also available at many other schools around the country.
  • Each school offering this program may handle it a bit differently but at Liberty University, it’s part of its school of business. When students graduate, they receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration on financial planning. That leads to their ability to sit for the CFP exam and puts them on a fast track to becoming certified financial planner.
  • And becoming a Certified Kingdom Advisor brings the biblical worldview alongside the other education.
  • In addition to a bachelor's education, there are seven courses that are added to their education, such as estate planning, retirement planning, investment planning, and insurance planning. Cornfield says this helps students become remarkably well-prepared for the workplace.
  • He adds that there are currently more financial planners retiring every year than are coming into the business, which creates a tremendous opportunity.
  • If you would like to learn more by reaching out to one of the following universities:

On this program, Rob also answers listener questions:

  • How can you help someone create a budget when they’re deeply in debt on a fixed income?

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