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25 Acts Of Generosity

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year where we get to reflect on the incredible gift we've been given through the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! It's also a great time to share His love by being generous to others.

Here are 25 ideas to help you be more generous this Christmas. This is, by no means, an all inclusive list. We encourage you to think not only about how you can be generous financially but also with your time and your talents! Let us know what you think by sharing your generosity ideas and traditions in the MoneyWise Community.

25 Acts of Generosity

  1. Put together a basket of water bottles, snacks, and/or an encouraging note for your Mail Carriers. This is a busy season for them with very long hours. Let’s be an encouraging stop for them on their route.
  2. Make cookies or your favorite Christmas treat for your neighbors.
  3. Volunteer for a ministry in your church this Christmas.
  4. Leave a big tip with an encouraging note, a verse, or lyrics from your favorite Christmas hymn.
  5. Put $5 under someone's windshield wiper.
  6. Together as a family, read the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke.
  7. Spark a conversation around generosity with the help of Table Topics from our friends at Generous Giving:
  8. Pay for the person behind you in a drive-through.
  9. Set aside a couple of hours to spend with God in prayer.
  10. Take dinner to a friend or neighbor.
  11. Take time to reflect on God's many blessings, most importantly His Son, Jesus.
  12. Donate to a charity this Christmas. If you have kids, get them involved by allowing them to help pick the organization(s) and amount(s).
  13. Pay the bill for the person next to you in a check-out line.
  14. Spend time with a friend or family member who needs someone to talk with. Give them a call, ask them to meet up, or go visit them.
  15. Fuel your generosity creativity by reading how the Taylor family built a generous family:
  16. Buy 4 gift cards of any amount. Throughout your week, find people that you can give them to and pray for them.
  17. Put together Ziploc bags of water, snacks, and a church invite. Put these Christmas kindness bags in your car. As you are driving around and see a person in need, give them one of the bags.
  18. Spend some time in prayer as a family asking God for opportunities to be generous.
  19. Intentionally look for ways to serve and bless others, from holding the door to lending a listening ear.
  20. Spend some time today thinking about how God has provided for you this year, and thank him for those things.
  21. Be others-minded in small ways as much as possible. Open a door for someone, give a compliment, make eye contact, or smile.
  22. Help a friend overcome Christmas money stress by sharing your favorite tips, tricks or Bible verses that help you keep money in perspective.
  23. Send a handwritten letter to someone, expressing how grateful you are for the positive impact they have made in your life.
  24. Bless your pastor, church staff, and volunteers with a gift basket of Christmas treats along with a note of appreciation. Donate quality clothes and/or belongings.
  25. Donate quality clothes and/or belongings.

Get Your Free 25 Acts of Generosity Download

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