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A “Prudent” Steward

MoneyWiseDec 3, 2021

God wants you to be a prudent steward. But what does it mean? Rob West shares some biblical descriptions.

Overcoming “Budgetphobia”

MoneyWiseDec 3, 2021

Do you have a morbid fear of budgeting similar to claustrophobia? You know you should budget but just the idea of putting limits on your spending sends you into a panic. Rob tells you how to overcome your fears and beat budgetphobia.

Putting Principles Into Practice

MoneyWiseDec 2, 2021

Tired of worrying about money and living paycheck-to-paycheck? You can decide now to put God’s financial principles into practice. Rob West shares one to start with.

Women and Generosity with Sharon Epps

MoneyWiseDec 2, 2021

1st Timothy 5 establishes the biblical principle that believers are to provide for those who preach the Gospel. Some of the first disciples to obey it were women. Sharon Epps joins us to talk about that.

Every Dollar of Profit has a Story to Tell With Jason Myhre

MoneyWiseDec 1, 2021

The purpose of investing is to earn a profit. The purpose of Man is to glorify God. Our guest is Jason Myhre of the faith-driven investment movement says those two endeavors don’t have to conflict. Rob chats with him about that on this MoneyWise.

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