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Why We Give with Howard Dayton

MoneyWiseSep 22, 2021

The story of the widow’s mite (or offering) in Luke 21 is a great reminder of how God views giving. But how should we view it? Howard Dayton is here to help us with that.

5 Ways To Lose Money

MoneyWiseSep 22, 2021

Looking for some ways to loose some money? Rob West shares 5 sure fire ways to blow some cash, or learn from these mistakes others have made so you can avoid the same!

Projecting Your Social Security Benefits

MoneyWiseSep 21, 2021

How much Social Security will you receive when you retire? Rob West warns you may get significantly less than you think!

Panic Proof Your Investing with Mark Biller

MoneyWiseSep 21, 2021

Are stocks overvalued? Maybe... maybe not. Rob talks about that first with investing expert Mark Biller and how you should plan... either way.

Financial Challenges

MoneyWiseSep 20, 2021

When we pray and act in God’s will, He’ll give us our heart’s desire. So let me ask … is your heart up to a financial challenge?

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