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October 3rd

I assume you signed for the Pro plan. I have found that may bank puts transactions in pending state and then releases them in a day or two so maybe they will show soon. Have you been waiting more than that?

October 3rd

I've found it really just depends. Sometimes it is as fast as an hour (like some payments that went out this morning at 8am), sometimes it appears to wait until the end of the next business day *after* the transaction has actually posted and is past the financial institution's "pending" state. As an example: I paid off 3 credit cards we use regularly this past week. I scheduled their payoffs from my credit union on Wednesday with the ACH/electronic payment to clear on Friday (9/30). One of them showed up on MoneyWise Friday night, one on Saturday, and one not until Monday morning. All 3 of them showed cleared by the 3 credit card companies Friday night. I suspect some of it may have to do with how Plaid (the backend that collects the transactions) interacts with the different financial institutions. Note: Moneywise show all 3 of the transactions were reported on 9/30, so at least that is accurate, even if the importing is sometimes delayed.

October 6th

If it's not working as expected, report the account to support and they will help.
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