September 20th

Howdy - does not matter on the order of the years - they are all inflation adjusted too - so they will take the highest 35 years - regardless of when they are earned. Higher income in later years will replace lower income years - PLUS boost your total benefits a bit each year since your base will be higher. As for the timing of taking benefits - for couples - best for the highest lifetime income earner to delay filing until age 70 when they are maximized - the other spouse can file anytime at 62 or later - depending on employment, etc. Overall - make sure your budget shows that your SS + pension + retirement savings gives you a large cushion - since with the current rate of inflation - in as little as 10 years your need for income could double to maintain the same standard of living. If you need retirement planning guidance ,etc. go to - scroll to the bottom and 'request a coach' to assist.

September 23rd

Check the tax consequences of continuing to work after you start benefits.
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