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September 1st

This is from the Guide tab on the lower left of your menu: Managing Transactions How to Track Transactions Manually in the MoneyWise App Tracking transactions manually is an option for Basic or Pro app users. To add a transaction manually, follow these steps: Go to the envelope that you want to use to organize the transaction. If you're using the web app, select the "+ Transaction" option from the row of buttons at the top. In the mobile app, click "Activity +" above the list of transactions. This will bring up a screen to allow you to enter a new transaction. Give the transaction a name, enter the dollar amount, select if it's a deposit or a withdrawal and choose the account to which the transaction should be allocated. Save the transaction. This will add the transaction to the envelope. You can also add transactions from the Accounts screen. You will follow the same steps with the addition of selecting an envelope to categorize the transaction.
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App How To
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