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August 29th

Hi Jim - yes you can do so - when you get the transaction reported - say a charge for $50.00 - and $30.00 was for food and $10.00 was for medicine and $10.00 for miscellaneous - when the transaction reminder pops up - you will see a 'doubleheaded' arrow - click on it to add another envelop and at the bottom of that window you will see an option to add additional envelopes. I use that every month when our combined insurance statement is paid automatically out of our checking account and I have to split it among several different accounts, home, auto, etc., etc.

August 30th

Only after it is cleared. Pending transactions cannot be split, so you have to wait for the split arrow to appear after it is final. Usually by then I've forgotten what the split should be.... I also do a split insurance transaction every month, similar to what Ivan describes. I wish there was a way to automatically get the split, too.

August 30th

Thank you

September 18th

Argh, that is frustrating that it has to be a reported transaction and doesn't allow for a manual entry to be split. For now, we're picking the main/largest envelope and then adding in the memo field: "split: 15 other-envelope-name"
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