Coach Bob

June 16th

Jay, here is my advice. Do not sell. That only locks in your losses. Given your age and that this is a 401(k) I assume you have been in the market for some time so you understand that the market does not continually go up and at time we will have things like this, approaching or entering a bear market (defined as a 20% loss or greater). If you feel your investment choices are sound, then the best guidance is to buy and hold. I know it can be difficult, but these are not real losses until you withdraw the money. Take a look back to 2020 when we had market turbulence at the start of the pandemic and the turnaround was just as rapid. There are no guarantees and trying to time the market is a fool's errand with studies showing that no one, not even pros, get it right, so do not try. You can adjust your allocations (but moving things also locks in your losses, so perhaps do this long term) so you can sleep better at night. Cash, especially in times of inflation, means you will be losing ground, so I would not do that.

June 16th

Thank you for your input. I'll stay the course. God bless!
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