May 14th

I also wonder about deleting unsigned transactions. I have transfers between accounts that I just delete.

May 14th

I started deleting some of my unassigned transactions. Then I read the instructions that says not to do this because it messes up the accounting. So, I just decided to assign about 100 transactions. We’ll see! Hopefully, we’ll get some answers 😊

May 17th

Great question! If you want to include those transactions in your history, or to appear in your reports and for future reference, I’d recommend assigning the transactions. If you do not want the transactions in the system you change the import start date of the account, which will automatically delete transactions older than the selected date. To do that, simply click on the account card, click the three dots in the right corner, adjust the “import transactions starting date” and click “Save”. I hope that helps!

May 18th

Thanks 🙏
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