Faith Based Investing

December 18th

Possibly a good idea - but unless someone is an advanced collector - avoid nusimatic collector coins - the spread - hype and liquidity is all against you. Instead - 5% - a max of 10% in small denominated silver coins - 1oz silver rounds might work - but first examine the rationale - is it to speculate - hedge against inflation - or hedge against an international panic due to a financial meltdown. Pay close attention to the spread - what the COMEX or London fix might be say $23.00 - and pay no more than 2-4% above that 'spot' price for actual coins or end up paying too much. Inflation is up dramatically this year - yet silver has gone down - so don't bank on it being a great inflation hedge. Over the last say 50 years - the total stock market index has been a FAR better income generator. Just since 2008 - the S&P 500 index is up several hundred per cent - but silver has been all over the map - seemingly stuck in the low to mid $20 range. Some folks use junk silver US pre-64 coins to use for barter - trade in case of a financial melt-down. Take physical possession. You can also buy silver by using IAU in retirement funds and not get hit with any extra taxes or penalties.

April 4th

What does IAU abbreviate

December 21st

Unless you're a real collector, using an ETF seems a lot easier and more cost effective

December 22nd

That good to try cash app
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Faith Based Investing
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