Faith Based Investing

December 11th

Hi WW - great question - and the amounts an adviser might require and the fees they might levy vary widely - somewhat depending upon the services they offer - you sort of get what you pay for - but take care - charlatans do exist. An average low amount might be around $50k with fees of about 1-1.5% all inclusive. If you want to get a good grounding in basic investing - and month by month guidance on a proper asset allocation and specific fund/ETF recommendations - then check out Sound Mind Investing and get their handbook called "The Sound Mind Investing Handbook." SMI is a thoroughly Christian group. - we have used them for decades. Their web address is: - (SMI’s Web site) Also check out a Kingdom Adviser affiliate at this web address: - Locate a Kingdom Adviser Affiliate

February 11th

So there are many CFP/CKA advisors that will serve clients with via a monthly retainer as a way to serve younger individuals and those that haven’t accumulated much wealth yet. A good place to look is XY Planning Network and then you can narrow by CKAs
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Faith Based Investing
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