Faith Based Investing

December 8th

Before ESSP, consider maxing out an HSA (if you qualify for one), and a Roth IRA. ESSP can be good if your company's performance is a "sure thing", but there's no guarantee the stock price will go up, or go down less than your discount, so don't overdo it any more than you would any other individual company stock -- maybe a 1-5 percent of your total holdings. You already have your career riding on your company's success, it may be risky to also invest your retirement in same (as employees of Enron and many other bankrupt companies have found out).

December 9th

Thank you for your response and considerations before investing in ESSP.

April 14th

You should know if it’s a section 423 plan. Also what would be your exit strategy with your ESPP shares?
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Faith Based Investing
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