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November 21st

Thanks for this question! To add “Placeholder” transactions to a connected account you actually need to add it directly to the account. If you click on the account card you should see a + button to add transactions. Please note those transactions are intended to be temporary “placeholders” that will eventually be replaced by the imported transactions. The temporary nature is why we currently only allow you to add manual transactions directly to the connected account (not to the category) simply because we want to make sure you are aware that the transaction is temporary in nature and so you can see the other transactions before posting the placeholder (to avoid creating a transaction for something that’s already been posted). We’re always open to feedback and understanding different use cases so feel free to shoot us a note at with any thoughts for improvement. I hope that helps and we apologize for the confusion. We’ll be revisiting our help docs to make sure we clarify this.
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App How To
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