Faith Based Investing

October 7th

This is my first post on the app and I read a few prior posts and responses which are informative. For starters, Should I connect with a CKA ?

October 7th

Hello Caresa. I am a CKA and may be able to help. There are several funds that come to mind and I have invested in personally -- Eventide, Timothy Funds, Thrivent Funds, but there are many others. You might want to visit the site for some ideas. You can also visit to find a CKA in your area. As with any investment, you need to research the alternatives for soundness, your overall financial goals and, with faith based investments, for opportunities your are passionate to support. I hope that helps.

October 8th

Thank you very much. I will check them out.

October 9th

Check out the Inspire ETFs

October 20th

Thank you for the recommendations. I started with eventide Gilead.

February 11th

Great choice! Love Eventide and what they are building. Finny is helping champion some great stuff!
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Faith Based Investing
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