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September 2nd
Hi "E" - great question - and yes - if the worst (best?) were to occur - and all believers were to be 'snatched up' and disappear - then who would be left to 'work' during the following 7 years of tribulation - much as in the book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins - "Left Behind." In fact - that series might give you a bit of insight. As for resources for those that might pick up the torch so-to-speak - to access financial assets they would need to have been on any 'authorization' cards - account access documents in advance or face extreme difficulty in obtaining the use of any financial assets - and as for the camp property itself - you would need competent legal counsel on how to proceed there. You can do some web browsing to come up with more insights on this - here are a few resource links to consider: In summary - just be wise - try to locate some 'trusted' local folks that are not believers that could be used for those left behind - documenting all this well and just say "Maranatha!"
September 2nd
Thanks for being concerned for those left behind. I would concentrate on helping those in need in the present and leave the solution of the future rapture mystery to the Lord.
September 3rd
That’s a really interesting question, and something that’s been on my mind lately - more on the personal estate planning side of the equation. If I pre-decease those that I have a God-given responsibility to provide for, then I obviously want my assets to be used to care for them. However, if all believers were to be caught-up I would want my assets to go toward furthering the gospel. To that end I have considered trying to identify an Israel based organization to stand as taker of last resort. Although, in my opinion, the coming economic system could derail or significantly hamper the effectiveness of any attempt at post-rapture estate or business planning. Of course, we are responsible to be faithful, and God is in charge of the results. While I don’t think that this topic is necessary to consider/plan for in order to be a good steward, I do think it is appropriate to consider whether there is planning that should be (or not be done), especially if it is something that God has placed on someone’s heart.
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