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November 23rd

MoneyWise is much newer than YNAB, so yeah not as fully featured. But a good value for the price, which is also lower. Send your suggestions to support, they do keep track of what is most requested. I would love to see a solution for recurring splits. If you like the old desktop version of YNAB, check if it will keep running on newer versions of Windows, even if written for 32-bit. I came to MW from a 25 year old app originally written for Windows 95 and 98, it ran on XP, 7, 8 10 and 11 along the way.

November 24th

Thanks. The only solution I've found to keep YNAB running in a newer OS involved creating a virtual machine which is more effort than I'd like to tackle. I've defined gotten my $45 worth over the past 8 years, and it's probably time to switch to a web app anyway. I'm also in a position of contemplating budgeting with a partner in the next year and I'm sure he'd like something simpler than my 100 categories that track everything from gross income to the $2.5/month for safe deposit box. He ran across moneywise so I'm checking it out. I love the envelope concept, it just seems VERY putzy to use and lacking in features. I didn't realize it was newer, so thanks for explaining that.
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App How To
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